Q and A with Sami Graham

Updated: Feb 6


1. How do you describe the experience of the 1964 earthquake- what effect did it have on schools? 2. Why are you running for school board? 3. What do you want to change in the school system? 4. What's your favorite hockey team? 5. What breed of dogs are Minnie and Sarge?


#1 The ‘64 earthquake was indescribably frightening for those of us that lived through it. But afterwards it united Alaskans by making us stronger and more resilient. Alaska, and many schools were rebuilt and that strong, resilient attitude was developed in our students and citizens. #2 I am running for school board because I feel the students, parents, and hard working teachers of Anchorage deserve a voice. 40% reading proficiency will affect Anchorage for generations. We all deserve better! #3 Students should never be jeopardized for the sake of political gain. Working to guarantee what is best for kids is my utmost priority. We will be heading into a period of limited budgets and we must be smarter with the money we have. #4. Go Army! Beat Navy! My husband coached hockey at West Point, The United States Military Academy, where our three children were born. Our oldest is getting his MBA at Harvard and will be teaching at West Point this fall. He has served two tours in Afghanistan. Our Luke owns his own business and guides on the Kenai River. Mary, our baby, LOVES working for Alaska airlines. #5. Minnie is a rambunctious black lab and Sarge is an Australian terror...I mean terrier. Ps, I LOVE gardening, too. At our home property we grow blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, apples, cherries, grapes, kiwi and tons of flowers and veggies. All the best! Sami

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